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Running a small livery yard, I have not only used Joanne on my own horses but witnessed some wonderful results with many others. These include a horse who wouldn't allow anyone near the TMJ, after a single treatment with Joanne the issue had gone and the horse was comfortable again. A roached back considerably relieved and less roached with the horse moving more freely and comfortable. An angular tight pelvis looking flatter and obviously more comfortable. On top of this the horses routinely move more freely and evenly. I do, can and will highly recommend Joanne's skills and expertise.


Joanne has been treating our horses for over 10 years.

She looks at a wide variety of horses for us from top competition horses to happy hackers, to youngsters just starting their careers. Jo’s huge depth of knowledge and experience allows her to treat each horse as an individual and work out the best treatment for them. Jo is open minded and continues to develop her own knowledge within the industry, which for us is essential with ‘moving with the times’ and offering the horses the best possible options.

Jo has each and every horses best interests at heart and she is a total asset to our yard. It really is fantastic to watch the horses interacting with her, trusting her and working with her. We couldn’t recommend Jo more highly.


Joanna is one of life’s true walking angels. I have been a client of joanna’s for around 18years now. I have watched her work with a variety of different horses, and every single one she has treated as an individual with nothing but kindness. Her intuition and knowledge is nothing but awe-inspiring to me. She has found things even the vets haven’t found wrong with my horses. I will forever be grateful and thankful to her for all her help, time and knowledge she has given me over the years. Thank you Joanna! 


I have used Jo for nearly 10 years now & I couldn’t recommend her enough! She has worked miracles on all of my horses, whether it be a routine session or to help with a specific issue. My horses always respond so well to Jo’s treatments! She listens to the horses & it’s so interesting to see how they communicate with Jo to tell her where they need help.  Her sessions are really personalised to each horse & what they need help with, which I love. She is always available to discuss any concerns that you have & truly wants the best for you & your horses. I’ll never use another chiropractor! Thank you Jo for all your amazing help over the years, my horses wouldn’t perform as well with you!


Joanne has been treating my horse, Leo, for nearly 12 years now. At first he was a little hesitant to be treated by her as he’s a very sensitive soul but with her calm and gentle approach he quickly learnt to trust her and now positively enjoys his treatments. Joanne is always understanding and realistic, listening to the owner and taking on board their own thoughts and views. She has helped Leo come back from various injuries and has also kept him in fine condition the rest of the time. From an owners perspective too, Joanne is brilliant at explaining how she is treating the horse and what you as an owner can do to continue supporting her methods. I have recommended Joanne to many, many other people and will continue to do so…!


Joanne Archer has been treating our horses at Attwater racing for the past 10 plus years. She has done an amazing job on our horses and the results speak for themselves. She has become an important part of our team and has helped bring many horses back to there full fitness. You can clearly see the difference on the horses after jo has treated them and she is always very good and calm around even the trickiest of horses.

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